Lpslice is a command line utility that can split a wav recording of a long-playing record into separate tracks - under ideal conditions, 1 wav per track. Lpslice looks for the silent gaps between tracks.

The Windows installer for this utility adds a "Slice" command to the Windows Explorer right-click menu for wav files.

Download lpslice installer for Windows

Download lpslice C++ source code (Windows or Linux)

(The windows version contains an updated installer, but is otherwise the same version as


The htmlizer is a command line utility that can generate syntax-highlighted html from Visual Basic and Javascript source files. It can also generate html pages from plain text files that contain sections of code in either or both of the aforementioned languages.

I wrote this utility to help me document some Visual Basic and Javascript code. It adds "htmlize" to the context menu in Windows Explorer for Visual Basic (VB6 or VB.Net), Javascript (.js), and plain text (.txt) files.

The htmlizer also detects and highlights inline SQL within Visual Basic. example

Minimum requirements: Windows XP Service Pack 2

download htmlizer

Ready Set Go!

Deploying Visual Basic 6.0 projects has never been easier.

Click here to download the final beta version of Ready Set Go!